This course explores great literature from ancient, medieval, and modern sources. In addition to primary documents,, we will read novels from around the world. As in history, students will learn tools of analysis with the goal of understanding the text so they can respond intelligently in discussion or composition. Students will learn to look deeply at a piece of writing as they analyze character, setting, structure, literary devices, author’s worldview, and impact on the reading audience. Students will learn to articulate their thoughts in discussion and explore various forms of composition, including formal essays with structured paragraphs, informal personal reflections and creative stories.  


Prerequisite: General Literature and Composition or equivalent course


This course fulfills: World Literature/Composition (10 units)


Discount: Students are strongly encouraged to take this course concurrently with World History and will receive a $50 discount when enrolled in both courses.


Suggested grade: 10th and above


ONLINE ONLY - This course is held exclusively online. However a room will be made available for students to use while on campus on Tuesdays. Students must bring their own laptop and headphones.

World Literature (online)

  • To receive the concurrent enrollment discount, students must be enrolled in both World Literature and World History at the same time.