“The most important aspect of who we are is what comes into our minds when we think of God. The trajectory of our lives is directed by our understanding of God.” This comment by A.W. Tozer is also true for the trajectory of civilizations. Students in this class will look behind political, economic, and social events, especially of Western civilization, and learn to identify the ideological assumptions that prefaced them. They will study the attributes of God as revealed in Scripture and orthodox doctrine, and learn to think critically about man’s actions and the nature of good and evil as revealed in human history. Students will be asked to express themselves in chapter and unit questions and answers, open book quizzes and tests, active class discussion, thoughtful writing, and a semester research paper about an historical event that piques their interest.This class acts as a complement to the curriculum and course work of World Literature and includes full credit for both History and Bible. 


Prerequisite:  General Literature and Composition or equivalent course


This course fulfills: World History (10 credits); Bible (10 credits)


Discount:  Students are strongly encouraged to take this course concurrently with World Literature and will receive a $50 discount when enrolled in both courses.


Suggested grade: 10th or above


ONLINE ONLY - This course is held exclusively online. However a room will be made available for students to use while on campus on Tuesdays. Students must bring their own laptop and headphones

World History and Bible* (online)