This course is designed to teach students how to present their ideas to others with confidence. Students learn how to engage in conversation so the other person feels heard, and articulate their own thoughts so they can be better understood. They will learn to write an effective speech, and deliver it so people will want to listen. This class teaches rhetorical devices, logical analysis, modes of organization, tips of deportment, grammar, and most importantly, the nature of Christian leadership. Students learn to conduct a meeting according to parliamentary procedure and Robert’s Rules.They will study classic speeches throughout history and identify areas of logos, ethos, and pathos. Students will learn to be each other’s best support team, as they give each other presentation tips. Presentations for the class will be both live and recorded.


ONLINE ONLY - This course is held exclusively online. However a room will be made available for students to use while on campus on Tuesdays. Students must bring their own laptop and headphones.

Speech, Communication, and Rhetoric


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