Students of this Spanish 2 course benefit from an interactive, immersion approach in a classroom setting as well as the use of an Activities Manual and CD program, regular quizzes, and tests.
The course begins with an intensive review of all concepts and grammar learned in the Spanish 1 program paired with the development of new vocabulary.  Students will then be introduced to more advanced grammar skills: prepositions and sentence structure with prepositions, the imperfect tense, the verb “haber” (used in complex verb structures), the future tense and subjunctive moods.
The course is designed to move students from an “intermediate-low” to an “intermediate-mid” level of proficiency as designed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.  It aligns with the national standards in foreign language education focusing on Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.


Prerequisite: Spanish 1

Suggested grade: 10th or above


Hybrid Course:       
TUESDAY    - class held on campus
THURSDAY - class online - No classes held on campus

Spanish 2