Explore the mysteries of God’s amazing creation… YOU!  The study of anatomy and physiology reveals our incredible, intelligent designer in a unique way by observing how we are truly “Fearfully and wonderfully made”–– Psalm 139:14 
This course is an Advanced Biology course and combined with your previous high school Biology course, Anatomy Physiology gives the student the equivalent of an entire biology advanced placement (AP) curriculum and is considered an honors course. Both the anatomical and physiological aspects of the human body’s 11 organ systems are covered in detail. Students will also study the Latin prefixes and suffixes that apply to the study of the human body. All students will participate in laboratory work, discussion, hands-on experiments, dissections, case studies, and a research project as well as the opportunity to participate in field trips.


Prerequisite: 1 yr. High school Biology

Suggested grade level: 11th or 12th


Hybrid Course:       
TUESDAY    -  class held on campus
THURSDAY -  class exclusively online - No classes are held on campus

Anatomy Physiology - Adv Biology