Frequently Asked Questions

What is the parent's role while their student is enrolled with Alliance?

Parents are the primary educators and play the decisive role in their student’s education. Parents can help students succeed by helping them organize their daily schedule and providing an encouraging atmosphere where learning is facilitated. In various classes parents may be asked to correct assignments, proctor at home tests or quizzes, or edit first drafts of papers. In order to keep costs down, we are also asking parents to volunteer in various roles, as delineated under the Parent Volunteer section of this website. We, as instructors, feel privileged to partner with parents and ask that they be active in their role of support for their student.

How much homework is expected for each class?

Junior High and High school level classes are geared toward preparing for college, and students should expect a rigorous workload, requiring at least 3 - 7 hours of study per week.

Can I decide what work my student is required to do?

All work assigned in junior high and high school courses is required. The grade given by the instructor is based on the quality and completion of all assigned work.

We take a family vacation every year.  How will my student make-up the missed work?

Students are given a course schedule with assignments listed for each week of class. Assigned work may be completed before departure or turned in when the student returns to class. Please discuss details with your individual instructors to find the best arrangement before planned vacations to ensure the success of your student.

Does Alliance accept State funds?

No, Alliance will not be able to accept State funds.

Does Alliance maintain grades?

No, Alliance Homeschool Academics is not a school. Therefore, we do not keep student academic cum files. Teachers maintain records of students’ scores for the classes they teach. Should a student need a progress report, each teacher will accommodate that request by providing the grade the student has earned up to that point. For academic filing for your student, see the websites PSP/ISP information.

As a parent, may I stay in the classroom while my student is in class?

Absolutely! We welcome and invite parents to see what their students are learning and be involved in the process.

Is there time for socializing?

Yes. Students build friendships and have opportunities for fellowship. There is a designated location for lunch breaks at our campus where students may socialize in a supervised environment. Special theme days are offered throughout the year to promote community, friendships, and fun!

Is there a modesty standard?

Our modesty standard is focused on upholding core values (spiritual growth, academic excellence, and community) and our specific interest is to create an environment that promotes a Christ-centered community and a Christian witness to the world. A student/parent handbook will be made available for all enrolling families.

Does Alliance file an affidavit with the state and maintain a cumulative file?

Alliance Homeschool Academics is neither a school nor a PSP, and therefore does not keep student cumulative files. Alliance, however, issues grades for each course taken. These grades are issued on a semester basis, but progress reports are available upon request. For academic filing for your student, see the websites PSP/ISP information.

How do I decide what course level is appropriate for my student?

If parents are unsure if their student is ready for a particular course, they are encouraged to talk to the instructor and in some cases, instructors may make a pre-enrollment assessment available to determine readiness.