What's Next for Alliance?

A Note to The Homeschool Community

Wooden Sign

"Commit your work

to the Lord,

and your plans

will be established."

Proverbs 16:3

Dear Homeschool Families,


It is with a heavy heart and much prayer and counsel that we, the Alliance Homeschool Academics board, have decided not to continue our program. Thank you for supporting and striving for excellence in education with us.  We have been so blessed by the many families we have served over the years as Biola instructors and then as Alliance instructors and are grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of your homeschooling family. 

As Proverbs 16:13 says, if we "commit our work to the Lord, our plans will be established." Throughout the years  we have done just that, we have prayerfully committed each family, student and board decision to the Lord.

Although Alliance will no longer be serving your families, several of our instructors will continue to teach private classes in person and online and others will be offering tutoring. We encourage you to reach out to them directly with your inquiries for the upcoming academic year. We have included our instructors' emails and areas of instruction. 


The Lord bless your future homeschooling endeavors!

The Alliance Homeschool Academics Board


Lindsay Estrada, Collette Holzer, Karri Riera, Susan Weaver

Lindsay Estrada

Email: lindsayestrada74@gmail.com



Algebra 2, Chemistry, Physics (Classes on Zoom only)

Collette Holzer  

Ph: 951-445-2845    

Email: collette.holzer@gmail.com



General Science, Physical Science, Marine Biology


Biology, Marine Biology, Anatomy


NOTE: Classes will be offered in person at my home - online accommodations are available when


Sue Weaver

Ph: 949-338-7856    

Email: susan.weaver116@gmail.com


History, Literature and Writing


Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Writing

(2nd-8th grades)

NOTE: Classes will be offered Online/In Person

Gary Holzer



Jr High & High School Mathematics